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Waste Disposal Management Tailored for Urban Facilities

Discover Sol Recycling’s comprehensive urban waste disposal management services, catering specifically to retail and urban facilities in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, including retail malls, resorts, restaurants, and food production facilities.

Industries We Serve

Malls and Retail

Sol Recycling is a trusted waste management partner for shopping centres, mall complexes, and outlet malls, addressing waste streams that include cardboard, paper, plastic, Styrofoam, wood, organic waste, general waste, and unwanted products.


Tailor a waste management strategy to your resort with Sol Recycling. Our technology eliminate the need for waste sorting, reduce landfill waste, and resolve common waste disposal issues, creating a clean and safe environment for guests.


Sol Recycling offers cost-effective and environmentally friendly waste management services to the food industry, including restaurants and food production facilities. Our technology address organic waste challenges, ensuring a clean and safe facility for consumers.

Types of Waste Managed

Explore the diverse range of urban waste disposal expertly managed by Sol Recycling, including health and beauty products, expired products, infested products, recalled products, leftover organics or food and beverages, damaged stock or materials, promotional merchandise, sensitive documents, and international regulated waste.

Document Destruction

Protect your business’s private information with Sol Recycling’s comprehensive suite of information destruction services, including paper shredding, media and hard drive destruction, and film destruction.


Introducing Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) Technology

Discover the advantages of Sol Recycling’s proficiency in refuse-derived fuel (RDF) technology—a secure, cost-efficient, and sustainable alternative to conventional waste management. Utilizing cutting-edge refuse-derived fuel (RDF) technology, Sol Recycling prioritizes recycling non-recyclable waste materials such as safely managing mixed plastics, glass, paper, food, and hygienic waste. The primary goal is to recycle these materials first, and any residual waste is then transformed into inert, sterile, and odourless RDF through their advanced mechanical process. This serves as a sustainable energy substitute for fossil fuels, offering a compact, lightweight, and vacuum-packed solution while concurrently addressing environmental concerns. With a commitment to recycling as the forefront, Sol Recycling’s RDF technology plays a crucial role in their comprehensive waste management strategy; eliminating the necessity for continuous sorting and storage.

Onsite Waste Management Solution

Discover the cutting-edge technology from Sol Recycling—a flexible and easy-to-set-up solution that seamlessly integrates refuse-derived technology into your environment. Tailored for malls, food courts, and hygienic waste, these machines efficiently process waste within 30 minutes, eliminating the need for segregation or the reliance on chemicals, combustion, or microwaves. With an emission- and odour-free operation, this technology finds its perfect fit within shopping plazas, restaurants, and resorts.

Offsite Waste Management Solution

Experience Sol Recycling’s all-encompassing offsite waste treatment services, covering everything from waste pickup to disposal, prioritizing safety and operational efficiency. Our internal waste treatment facility transforms incoming waste into RDF, creating a clean and odourless environment for waste processing.


Save Money and Help the Planet

It has become more important than ever that companies reduce their carbon footprint. The misconception is that it will cost more to GO Green and create ZERO Waste. Sol Recycling will show you that your business can start SAVING and be 100% GREEN.

Ready to Transform Your Urban Waste Management?

Sol Recycling is your ideal partner for urban waste disposal management, offering innovative solutions designed to efficiently handle and dispose of generated waste in an environmentally conscious manner. From secure product destruction to cutting-edge refuse-derived fuel technologies, we provide comprehensive waste management solutions.

Contact us today to learn how Sol Recycling’s Zero Waste Program can empower your urban industry with sustainable waste management practices, cost savings, and a positive environmental impact, joining us in creating a greener and more sustainable future for urban businesses.

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