Organic Waste Recycling

Sol Recycling Organic Waste Recycling Program

Our Organic Waste Recycling Program is designed to maximize the amount of organic waste recycled. We provide this service to large quantity industrial producers of food/liquids (Breweries and Food Production Plants). Even a small amount of rejected product from Food Manufacturers, Bakeries, and Breweries can produce tons of organic waste. It is estimated that Organic Waste is approximately 30-40% of all landfills, which does degrade over time, however due to landfills clogging, recycling organic waste has become the most effective solution to the overflowing landfills.

Sol Recycling Organic Waste Recycling

How we get your Organic Waste to be 100% recycled:

  • 1) We pick-up the skids from your location.
  • 2) Industrial Food Waste would then be processed and recycled. We will then take all the plastic and paper used in the packaging and recycle it as well.
Organic Waste

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