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Organic Waste Recycling

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Zero Waste – Understand Your Organic Waste Management

Welcome to Sol Recycling’s Organic Waste Recycling Program, designed to maximize the recycling of organic waste, particularly tailored for large quantity industrial producers of food and liquids such as breweries and food production plants. Even a small amount of rejected product from food manufacturers, bakeries, and breweries can produce tons of organic waste. With approximately 30-40% of all landfills composed of organic waste, recycling has become the most effective solution to address overflowing landfills.

What We Offer

What Type of Materials Count as Recycled Organic Waste

Our program is focused on maximizing the amount of organic waste recycled, contributing to the reduction of landfill usage.

  • Food Ingredients
  • Perishable Food (Packaged and Bulk)
  • Recalled Products
  • Liquids: (Milk, Juice, Syrups, and Beer)
  • Expired Products

Why Choose Sol Recycling's Organic Waste Recycling Program:

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Environmental Impact

Contribute to environmental conservation by recycling organic waste.

Landfill Reduction

Reduce the strain on landfills and promote a more sustainable waste management approach.

Circular Economy

Support a circular economy by recycling packaging materials along with organic waste.

Effective Solution

Organic waste, although degradable over time, contributes to landfill clogging. Recycling provides a more effective and sustainable solution.

How We Get Your Organic Waste to be 100% Recycled:

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Pick-Up Service

We pick up skids from your location, ensuring a convenient and efficient organic waste collection process.

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Processing and Recycling

Industrial food waste is processed and recycled, including the recycling of all plastic and paper used in the packaging.

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Ready to make a significant impact on organic waste recycling? Contact us today for more information and to learn about how Sol Recycling can help recycle your organic waste, providing a sustainable and effective solution.

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