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Naval Waste Management


Efficient Waste Solutions for Maritime Industry

Navigate the seas sustainably with Sol Recycling’s innovative waste management services tailored for naval vessels, private yachts, cruise ships, merchant vessels, and ferry boats. Our solutions prioritize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility.

Tailored Waste Solutions for Naval Excellence

Sol Recycling understands the unique challenges of waste management at sea. We offer personalized solutions, whether you own a private yacht or operate a fleet of naval vessels, ensuring optimal waste stream management in compliance with safety standards, environmental sustainability, and government regulations.

Cruise Ship Waste Management

Efficiently manage the substantial waste produced on cruise ships with Sol Recycling’s comprehensive waste management solution. From general garbage to organic hazardous waste, our onboard solutions maintain a clean environment, streamline operations, and reduce costs.

Yacht Waste Solutions

Embark on an innovative and space-conscious waste management journey customized for each unique yacht. Sol Recycling’s adept onboard system mitigates odors and infection risks, prioritizing portability and environmental consideration for every inch of your yacht.

Naval Vessel Waste Optimization

Enhance the efficiency of naval vessels with Sol Recycling’s inventive waste management system, emphasizing compactness, portability, and efficiency. Our machines sterilize mixed waste, achieving an 80% volume reduction in just 30 minutes—an effective and budget-friendly method for naval vessels navigating the open sea.

Sustainable and Innovative Waste Management

Explore Sol Recycling’s innovative approach to sustainable waste management with a primary focus on recycling. Utilizing cutting-edge refuse-derived fuel (RDF) technology, Sol Recycling prioritizes recycling non-recyclable waste materials such as mixed plastics, glass, paper, food, and hygienic waste. The primary goal is to recycle these materials first, and any residual waste is then transformed into inert, sterile, and odourless RDF through their advanced mechanical process. This RDF serves as a sustainable energy substitute for fossil fuels, offering a compact, lightweight, and vacuum-packed solution while concurrently addressing environmental concerns. With a commitment to recycling as the forefront, Sol Recycling’s RDF technology plays a crucial role in their comprehensive waste management strategy.

Ready to take your naval waste management to new heights?

Connect with us to get started for Tailored Naval Waste Solutions. Our team is dedicated to providing sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective waste management for naval operations. Discover the benefits of our comprehensive waste program, optimized for environmental responsibility. Contact us to discuss personalized strategies and embark on a journey towards enhanced naval waste sustainability.

Sol Recycling is committed to providing sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective waste management services for naval vessels, private yachts, cruise ships, merchant vessels, and ferry boats.

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