Tailored Waste Management for Military Facilities

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Sol Recycling takes pride in offering specialized waste management services to government and military entities, including military bases, harbours, military ships, and airports. Our solutions are crafted to efficiently manage waste while meeting stringent compliance requirements, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Whether it’s health departments, military research facilities, or military hospitals, our solutions optimize waste streams worldwide, enhance efficiency, and reduce environmental impact, no matter where your operations take place.

Innovative Military Waste Management Solutions

Sol Recycling employs advanced refuse-derived fuel technology for safe, cost-efficient, and sustainable waste management. Utilizing cutting-edge refuse-derived fuel (RDF) technology, Sol Recycling prioritizes recycling non-recyclable waste materials such as mixed plastics, glass, paper, food, and hygienic waste. The primary goal is to recycle these materials first, and any residual waste is then transformed into inert, sterile, and odourless RDF through their advanced mechanical process. This RDF serves as a sustainable energy substitute for fossil fuels, offering a compact, lightweight, and vacuum-packed solution while concurrently addressing environmental concerns. With a commitment to recycling as the forefront, Sol Recycling’s RDF technology plays a crucial role in their comprehensive waste management strategy.

Save Money and Help the Planet

It has become more important than ever that companies reduce their carbon footprint. The misconception is that it will cost more to GO Green and create ZERO Waste. Sol Recycling will show you that your business can start SAVING and be 100% GREEN.

Connect for Tailored Military Waste Excellence

Contact Sol Recycling to explore the specifications of each Converter®MOB model and initiate a conversation about tailored waste solutions for your military operations. Our expertise ensures a comprehensive approach to military waste management, promoting sustainability and operational efficiency. Join us in creating a cleaner and more effective future for military waste management.

In addition to optimizing your military waste, explore the benefits of Sol Recycling’s Zero Waste Program, providing sustainable waste management practices and a positive environmental impact. Join us in creating a cleaner and take the first step towards military waste excellence.

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