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Medical Waste Disposal Program

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Zero Waste – Understand Your Medical Waste Management

Welcome to Sol Recycling’s Medical Waste Disposal Program, dedicated to serving the medical industry throughout Canada. Our experienced team ensures that your medical waste disposal meets Canada’s Ministry of Health Safety Regulations. With a range of biomedical waste disposal containers, we are equipped to address unique requirements and provide safe and compliant disposal solutions.

What We Offer

What Types of Medical Waste Do We Dispose

Our focus is not just on disposal but on ensuring that medical waste is managed responsibly, protecting society and the environment from biohazard risks.

  • Disposal of Sharps Waste: Suture needles, syringes, scalpels and needles

  • Amalgam Disposal

  • Disposal of Medical Waste Management Containers and Medical Waste Bags

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal: Prescription pills and medications

Additional Services for Medical Institutions

Sol Recycling goes beyond basic medical waste disposal. We also provide:

  • Product Destruction

  • Film Recovery

  • Silver Recovery

Why Choose Sol Recycling's Medical Waste Disposal Program

Compliance with Regulations

Our program aligns with Canada's Ministry of Health Safety Regulations to ensure proper and compliant medical waste disposal.

Experienced Team

Rely on our experienced team to handle your medical waste with the utmost care and compliance.

How It Works

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Contact Us

Reach out to us today for more information on how our Medical Waste Disposal Program can meet the specific needs of your medical institution.

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Our team will engage in a consultation to understand your medical waste disposal requirements and discuss tailored solutions.

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Container Options

Choose from our range of biomedical waste disposal containers, ensuring they meet the unique needs of your facility.

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Compliant Disposal

Benefit from our compliant and safe disposal methods, adhering to regulatory standards.

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Additional Services

Explore our additional services, such as product destruction, film recovery, and silver recovery, tailored for medical institutions.

Contact Us Today

Ready to streamline your medical waste disposal and ensure compliance with health safety regulations? Contact us today for more information and to discuss how Sol Recycling can help your company with its Medical Waste Disposal.

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