How to Become a Zero Waste Company?

How to Become a Zero Waste-Company

Living in the surrounding area of Toronto, we have seen the implementation of recycling in our own household over the past 15 years. Initially, we were provided with recycling bins, and then we were given the green bins for organic waste. However, this was the service provided to households, not businesses. With companies/businesses in the GTA the transition in their recycling has been slow. We have seen the overall positive effort in recycling in companies, however we are still years behind European countries business recycling programs. At Sol Recycling, we take pride in being a Canadian company that is at the forefront of assisting companies make the transition. We are leading the way in Canada by helping companies become a Zero Waste Company towards Landfills.

What does Zero Waste mean?

Zero Waste is a modern concept that is focused on waste prevention that encourages the reuse/redesign of resources which extends their life cycle. It is a strategy that is based on eliminating waste and for nothing to be sent to landfills, incinerators or the ocean. Zero Waste companies have started to be favoured by investors as it shows the long term approach to conducting business (economic responsibility) while not causing any additional harm to the environment.

Reduce and Reuse Bag

How does Sol Recycling assist companies become Zero Waste?

Sol Recycling will analyze all of your current waste that is being produced. We will then create a strategy and use our innovative tools to assist in completely eliminating your waste, rather than sending it to a landfill. The whole process is to bring about a positive change within the corporate environment, and let all staff be a part of the process in becoming a Zero Waste company. Let’s look into the steps:

Analyze your Current Waste Stream Management

Also known as the Waste Management Audit, we will analyze the different sources of waste, and the volume of waste your company produces.

Create Waste Reduction Goals

After our Audit, we will then propose ways to improve your waste management but also create goals (Reduction targets) as we know this is not an overnight process.

Strategies to Assist in Waste Reduction Goals

Now it is about implementing strategies that will assist you in reaching your reduction goals. This includes getting suppliers and staff to understand the necessary steps in becoming Zero Waste.

Measuring your Waste Reduction

After a couple months of transitioning to become Zero Waste, we will give you feedback on how far we have come, and what the next steps will be.

Zero Waste Management

How Fast can we become Zero Waste?

The truth is with every company the transitions are different. Some are able to grasp this modern approach to business while other companies are used to their traditional way of doing things. But with Sol Recycling on your side, we will make sure that you are at least making steps towards this goal. Step by Step we know we are able to consistently assist companies achieve this goal. As you can see through our article, it is not as simple as turning on a switch, but it is a whole corporate mindset that is needed to make the transition.

Less waste, will result in less expenses, while you are able to create a positive work environment for everyone, as efforts are being made to reduce our carbon footprint. Let’s work together in helping you achieve your Zero Waste as a company!

Contact us today to learn how we can get your company to become a Zero Waste to Landfill company.

April 17th, 2021

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