Corporations that have become a Zero Waste to Landfill Company

Zero Waste Companies

When corporations first hear of the concept of becoming a Zero Waste to Landfill certified company, majority initially think the process is going to be difficult and near impossible. However, more and more companies are implementing a Zero Waste to Landfill practice in at least one of their production processes to start the transition. Along with the public image benefits of being a Zero Waste to Landfill certified company, the majority of corporations are making the transition as it reduces their operating expense.
Let’s look at Two Corporations that have made the transition and that One that is currently making the transition:


Can you believe that Subaru has been making cars for over 10 years in Zero Waste to Landfills Plants. In 2004, Subaru in Indiana, became the first auto manufacturing facility in the US to become zero-landfill certified. All of Subaru’s vehicles continue to be built in zero-landfill plants, where 100% of their manufacturing waste is either recycled or turned into electricity. Subaru of Indiana, estimates that it costs approximately $7.5 Million each year to manage their zero landfill programs, however the company derives close to $11.5 Million in financial benefits. It clearly makes sense for them to continue their efforts as the Indiana Plant alone is creating an additional $4 Million in benefits.

Unilever has become a fully zero waste company

Unilever North America, which is one of the largest corporations for consumer goods, successfully achieved a 100% zero waste to landfill certification in all of their distribution centers in North America. They continuously encourage the 4R’s as a corporate mindset: Reducing, Reusing, Recovering and Recycling. With over 75% of their facilities globally being Zero waste certified, they are at the fore-front for innovating recycling programs. In the US, Unilever estimated savings of being Zero Waste are close to $5 Million a year, while, globally the company estimates over $225 Million in Savings have been made to date.

Google has become a fully zero waste company

One of the world’s most famous companies, Google has continuously made creative efforts to become a fully zero waste to landfill company. They hope to become a certified Zero Waste to Landfill company by the end of 2022 in all of their production facilities. They have also made interesting commitments by the year 2025 including: Committing to using recycled or renewable material in at least 50% of all plastics used across all hardware products and Committing to making its product packaging 100% plastic free and 100% recyclable. We will continue to see Google innovate ways of recycling and reusing as they become Zero Waste to Landfill certified.

Sol Recycling Helping Corporations become Zero Waste to Landfill Certified

There are many more corporations that are certified Zero Waste to Landfill, and we will continue to see the transition of companies in years to come. At Sol Recycling, we help corporations make that transition to Zero Waste. Contact us today and a member of our team will be in touch for a FREE AUDIT on how you can become certified today.

May 6th, 2021

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