Cardboard Recycling

Sol Recycling Cardboard Recycling Program

Our cardboard recycling program is designed to make it easy to maximize the amount of waste you recycle. In addition to reducing your costs, we deliver advanced processes that increase your business' efficiency. From storage and collection recycling, we manage the complete process with a customized service built around your individual needs.

The solution we provide will vary based upon your cardboard volumes and how the material is packaged. Earn dollars and rebates when you recycle. We offer money back for your cardboard material. We’ll work with you to ensure rebates are being maximized.

Cardboard Recycling Needs

Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your bulk cardboard with Sol Recycling. All types of cardboard will be recycled.

Sol Recycling delivers a unique solution that makes the removal, segregation and recycling of your cardboard easy, regardless of the type or quantity of cardboard waste your business produces. With our Bulk Cardboard Recycling Programs, we help assess:

  • 1) How your cardboard is generated
  • 2) Storage of your cardboard
  • 3) The overall production of cardboard
Reasons to Recycle your Cardboard

Sol Recycling is committed to ensuring you receive a positive experience. We offer an online portal to help manage your pickups and drop-offs.